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Universal Bill Acceptor (UBA®)

The UBA® bill validator is a new generation bill validator from JCM that combines improved bill sensing technology with lightweight and durable plastic construction. This one unit can accept all of the world's currency up to 85mm in width.


  • Superior Magnetic and Optical Sensing
  • 500 Note Capacity
  • Downloadable, Flash or Socketed EPROM
Universal Bill Acceptor (UBA®)
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  • Improved sensing technology makes use of magnetic and optical sensors to validate the currency.
  • Optical sensing consist of infrared, red and green LEDs, phototransistors, UV, reflective, transparency and bar code sensors.
  • Accepts currency from multiple countries at the same time without having to change validator software.


  • Automatic centering mechanism centers notes in the middle of the bill path regardless of how the bill was inserted. This allows for a greater first time acceptance rate because the bill is directly in the middle of the head when it is scanned. Centering also eliminates the need for additional bill guides in the entry bezel and cash box.
  • The automatic retry feature will re-scan a bill up to three times before rejecting. This greatly increases the acceptance rate.
  • The USB download port is located in the front of the unit for easy accessibility. It allows for quick and easy program downloads without having to remove the unit from the game.
  • Communication between the game and the validator can be achieved through the USB port in the rear of the unit, or the same standard connection as the current WBA® can be used.
  • Plastic cash box is manufactured from a high impact, highly durable plastic that resists damage and is backward compatible with all WBA units that are currently in the field. There is also a viewing window that allows the last bill stacked to be seen without having to open the cash box.
  • The UBA is the same size as the current WBA and mounts in the same fashion. The front bezel mounting configuration remains the same as the WBA as well.


  • The anti-pullback roller device prevents "stringing". The device has interlocking teeth that eliminates the ability for somebody to pull a bill back through the entry.

Power Requirements

DC +12 V, +/- 5%


8 Megabit
Optional 16 Megabit

Cash Box Capacity

500 Notes

Currency Accepted

US & International up to 85mm


  • Flash Programmable
  • EPROM Based


Software upgrades are released for currency changes and security measures. JCM software is copyrighted to JCM.

Technical Support

Training classes are available for all JCM products.
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UBA Software Update

UBA Sensor Calibration

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